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Contents tagged with Coding

  • Using C#, you can program virtually everything in EventIDE, but for many experimental methods it will be a reinvention of the wheel. There are many packages, e.g.  the Psychophysics Toolbox (PTB), that contain already a great number of implemented methods. The PTB is coded in Matlab and this article shows how to call any Matlab function (not only from PTB) in the new version of EventIDE.

  • Python becomes more and more popular as a general purpose programming language. Python emphasizes code readability, which makes it easier for beginners. Curiously enough, the Python has been created by Guido van Rossum, who graduated in the same university (university of Amsterdam) where EventIDE has been developed.   We plan to add a support for coding with Python in EventIDE snippets. Please, vote for this feature to promote it in our development roadmap.


    Submitted by Ilia Korjoukov on 22 Nov 2012
    Request Status: In plans