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EventIDE Pricing and license

We offer affordable and flexible pricing plans and a system of discounts for EventIDE. With purchasing EventIDE,  you receive a perpetual and transferable license. We provide various consultation and support plans, including:

  • designing and debugging new experiments
  • migration of existing experiments to EventIDE
  • consulting on advanced research methods
  • custom solutions based on the EventIDE platform (check below)



EventIDE Training

Powerful user interface and the revolutionary simple scripting paradigm make EventIDE the easiest software to use. With our free online training sessions learning EventIDE becomes even simpler. Schedule a personal training session with our team member and get an individual guidance in designing and debugging your experiment. EventIDE training is open to everyone*.

How it works:

  • Send us the contact form requesting a free online training session.
  • Make sure to mention the possible date and time for the training session and your time zone.
  • Describe briefly the experiment you want to design.
  • Our team member will contact you back with the details on how to download an EventIDE trial and attend the training session.
*Maximum 3 sessions per person. One session lasts approximately one hour.


Custom solutions on the EventIDE platform

EventIDE is a very flexible platform, which can be adopted for very specific experimental requirements, methods and custom hardware. Below, we listed EventIDE-based projects that we developed for our clients. If you need custom development for your research or you are interested to try our custom solutions, don't hesitate to contact us


Cloud-based eye-tracking platform for remote ADHD diagnostics

Imagine that you need to run tests with numerous participants in different locations, e.g. at their homes.  Imagine that every participant has to make a number of tests, and you need to collect results instantly, in order to adjust a next test for each participant. Such difficult task can be easily carried with EventIDE Cloud - a platform for remote behavioral testing.

Deployment of EventIDE Cloud does not require special knowledge and can be done in one day . You need to run an online database (any free service) and install EventIDE on participants' computers. Then, you run an administrator panel on your laptop and define what experiments have to be uploaded to participant's computers. As participants complete testing, the results are automatically sent into the database. You can preview the results immediately on your PC and assign new tests, when needed. 

EventIDE cloud has been successfully used in a project of our collaborator, BrainGaze.  The project aims to carry ADHD diagnostics in children using special eye-tracking metrics, which are collected during computer game-like activities. The activities are designed in EventIDE , whereas EventIDE Cloud delivers them to patients' home computers.

Recently, we have employed EventIDE Cloud for remote usability tests, developed by our collaborator, the market research agency Validators. The tests evaluate advertising impact of live webpages, measured by eye-tracking data. The measures are taken on remote computers and tablets, while participants doing habitual web surfing.

Free, open-source fMRI-compatible solution for 3D/2D motion capture

Motion capture systems are, perhaps, the most expensive research hardware. In collaboration with Social Brian Lab in the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, we have developed a free and open-source motion capture solution that works with consumer infrared cameras that cost ~10$ each.

Our system allows real-time 2D/3D capture of 4 LED marker positions with 1/0.1 cm respective accuracy in space. The impressive 250Hz sampling rate exceeds specifications of many commercial systems on the market.

The software allows easy calibration of multiple cameras arranged in arbitrary layouts. You can monitor the tracked positions online using either a single camera view or reconstructed 3D viewport. Numerical positional data is fully available in real-time for feedback scenarios.

The motion capture solution is suitable for wide range of motor studies. We've successfully tested the solution, while recording hand positions of two participants doing a movement imitation task. Like in our paradigm, the capturing data can be easily synchronized with stimulus presentation or other recordings, such as EEG, MRI, etc. With a small modification of power supply, the cameras  can be used next to a MRI scanner.

Please feel free contact us for source code. We also provide tech support and assistance in designing motion capture experiments.