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EventIDE stimulus presentation software



Solution for eye tracking

  • Gaze Position
  • Fixations and saccades detection
  • Heatmaps
  • Eye-tracking on live websites
  • Calibration
  • Status screen

Key features

  • The largest list of supported eye-trackers 
  • Online visualization and analysis of eye-tracking data
  • Real-time saccades and fixations detection
  • Full saccade statistics: times, amplitude, peak velocity,etc
  • Gaze analysis with AOIs, heatmaps and scanpaths
  • Raw data access in scripts
  • Tracking in live documents, webstes and apps
  • Tracking on non-ortogonal surfaces surfaces, e.g. tables
  • Tracking of objects in 3D and VR 
  • Results as data files, images and videos
  • Synhronization with other bio-signals
  • Templates for common eye-tracking tasks


  • Sub-millisecond analysis time
  • Auto-adaptation to measurement noise
  • Lossless gaze tracking and sampling


  • Fully customizable calibration
  • Captivate calibration for infant studies
  • Calibration on non-ortogonal surfaces surfaces, as tables and walls
  • Detailed accuracy report 
If you don't see your eye tracker model in the list, contact us for more details 

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Solution for multi-modal recording

  • Multi-channel EEG
  • PSD Analysis
  • Phase-locked
  • Pattern recognition

Key features

  • The largest list of supported bio-amplifiers
  • Real-time signal processing and visualization
  • Seamless synchronization of multi-modal data
  • Configurable online filters 
  • Real-time PSD, Hilbert and correlation analysis
  • Various types of online signal plots
  • Signal forecasting and pattern detection
  • Phase-locked stimulus presentation 
  • Neurofeedback and closed-loop control
  • Access to raw samples in user scripts
  • Rich feature set for mental games and applications


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Solution for motion capture

  • HeadTracking
  • HeadVector
  • BodyTracking

Key features

  • Low-cost motion capture functions with Kinect and LeapMotion
  • Real-time 3D tracking  of head position vectors and angles
  • Face capture with 100 3D key-points
  • Body tracking up to 6 persons
  • Gesture recognition
  • Registration of participant responses with head movement patterns and hand gestures
  • Consistent sampling rates


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Solution for stimulus presentation

  • ImagesVideo
  • StimulusGenerators
  • VectorGraphicsBasic
  • VectorGraphicsAdvanced
  • 3Dobjects
  • WebsitesApps
  • MaterialLibrary

2D graphics

  • Ultra-fast 2D graphics engine on DirectX11 
  • Import of all image file formats
  • Import of SVG vector files
  • Custom vector graphics with markup scripts
  • Dynamic stimulus generators, e.g random dot motion
  • Layered visual scene composition with opacity masks
  • Accelerated visual transforms: scale, rotation, transition
  • Pixel shaders for image effects
  • Animation with accurate timing
  • Programmable drawing functions
  • Visual illusion toolkit

3D graphics

  • Accelerated 3D graphics engine on DirectX11
  • Optional integration with Unity
  • Import of popular 3D file formats
  • Rendering complex 3D scenes
  • Programmable scene changes and 3D animation
  • Code-based control of lightings, cameras and materials
  • In-built scene editor 

Audio and Video

  • Popular audio formats: wav, mp3 and MIDI
  • Prceise playback of video clips in all formats
  • Dynamic tone generator
  • Multiple audio playback engines: WASAPI, ASIO, WaveOut
  • Precise onset of audio stimuli
  • Real-time text-to-speech synthesis
  • Audit of audio timing and video frames

Interactive stimuli

  • Custom input forms
  • Custom GUI panels, e.g. response list and sliders
  • Live websites
  • Live document viewers
  • External applications 


  • MainWindow

Key features

  • Friendy Ribbon GUI
  • Full visualization of experiment design
  • WYSIWYG stimulus layout editor
  • Integrated material library
  • Flexible randomization designer
  • Resolution-independent layouts
  • Multiple visual coordinate systems
  • Automatic pixel-dva conversion
  • Customizable modular architecture
  • SDK for user extensions
  • Templates the most popular experimental paradigms




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Inline scripting

  • CodeEditor

Key Features

  • The simplest scripting supplimenting visual design
  • No API functions to learn
  • Choice of scripting languages: Python, C# or VB
  • Matlab interoperability
  • Event-driven code architecture
  • Flat control flow
  • Advanced code editor with syntax highlighting and code completion
  • Runtime debugging in Visual Studio
  • C++ level of execution times
  • Code navigation and selective search
  • Runtime debugging tools

Integration with other research packages

  • EEGLab for signal analysis
  • FieldTrip for signal analysis
  • LSL for signal acquisition and synchronization
  • MATLAB for calculus and data analysis
  • OpenCV for fast computer graphics and vision algorithms
  • OpenVibe for signal acquisition and processing
  • NET Numerics for ultra-fast numerical computations
  • Psychophysics Toolbox for vision and neuroscience functions
  • PsychoPy for stimulus presentation and psychophysics functions
  • Unity for 2D or 3D task design and VR

Timing and runtime control

  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Statistics

Key features

  • Base time resolution in 0.02 ms
  • Integrated timing profiler for all events
  • Protected data collection
  • Data export to Excel, CSV, image and video files
  • Gamma correction
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Implementation for runtime psychophysical methods (e.g. staircase procedure)
  • Customizable instrumental screen on a secondary monitor
  • Interactive widgets for online behaviour monitoring (e.g. gaze over stimulus)
  • Online statistics and plots


Supported research hardware


  • Arrington Research, EyeLink, EyeTech, Eye Tribe, Gazepoint, ISCAN, LiveTrack, Jazz-Novo,  Mirametrix, Pupil Labs, SMI, Tobii, Tobii Glasses 2/3,  EyeLogic
  • Any analogue eye-tracker via DAQ boards.
  • GazePointer (webcam software)

Bio-hardware (EEG, MEG, GRS, ECG, NIRS) for multi-modal data acquisition, online visualization and recording 

         via direct drivers:

Artinis, ANT/EEGO, Biograph Infinity, Biosignal PluxBrain Products, BrainMaster, Biosemi, Empatica, Emotiv, HeartLive, Hypnodyne ZMax, Neulog, Neurosky, Nonin, OpenBCI, Shimmer , TMSi (Refa&Saga)  and any other signal hardware connected via the Advantech, National Instruments, Measurement Computing DAQ boards.

        via third-party protocols, such as LSL, OpenVibe, FieldTrip and OpenEEG:

ANT/EEmagine, ANT/Neuro, Artinis (NIRS), Cognionics, Corvision (NIRS)CTF/VSM, EGI, gTec, Neuroelectrics, Neuroservo, mBrainTrain, MCS/MKS, Micromed, MindMedia, Mitsar, Muse

Common psychophysics hardware

  • CRS Stimulus processors
  • Cedrus response boxes
  • MC, NI, Advantech and Arduino DAQ boards
  • Any HID-compatible input devices, such as joysticks, gamepads, response boxes
  • Bi-directional synchronization via LPT, COM, USB, network protocols and DAQ cards
  • Parallel access to multiple keyboards and mice
  • Webcams

Virtual reality hardware

via direct drivers:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Remote
  • Oculus Touch

via Unity integration:

  • Google Cardboard
  • Oculus Rift/Go/Quest
  • Vive Pro
  • Vive Focus Pro
  • Vive Focus 3

Motion capture and gesture recognition hardware

  • Kinect for Windows
  • Leap Motion
  • Xsens

Hand-writing recognition and drawing hardware

  • Touch screens
  • Pen tablets
  • Trackball mice

Music hardware

  • MIDI-compatible devices, e.g. electronic pianos