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Usability testing on websites and applications with EventIDE software

EventIDE software is a powerful tool for designing eye tracking studies, data collection, and real-time analysis of gaze behavior. It offers a special solution for UX testing, featuring the real-time eye tracking analysis on live websites and standalone applications.

Gaze heatmap

UX Highlights

  • Eye tracking on web browsers
  • Eye tracking on any application
  • Gaze heat maps and scan paths
  • Gaze and mouse positions in one plot
  • Dynamic areas of interest
  • Webcam recording
  • Retrospective think-aloud analysis
  • Export to images, videos and data files
  • Offline data aggregation across multiple users.
  • Mouse tracking if the eye tracker is disabled


  • Sub-millisecond analysis time up to 2000Hz sampling rate.
  • Academically proven algorithm for saccade detection.
  • Instant detection of saccade states: start, moment of peak velocity and end.
  • Automatic adaptation to changes in measurement noise.
  • Real-time visualization and data access.

Gaze scanpath

Supported eye trackers

  • Arrington
  • EyeLink
  • EyeTech
  • Eye Tribe
  • GazePoint
  • Jazz-Novo
  • Mirametrix
  • SMI
  • Tobii

Turnkey solution

Let our qualified team member develop a complete solution for your eye tracking study. You will only need to install the software and start collecting data!

  • Ready to use test designed for your study
  • Permanent license
  • 1 year software updates
  • Free online training
  • Free technical support

How to order

  • Place an order via the contact form. Make sure to mention “turnkey offer” in your message.
  • Our team member will contact you back within 24 hours for more details regarding your study.
  • Our team member will send you the ready to use test and a trial version of EventIDE within a few days.
  • Check your test.
  • Pay for the EventIDE license via PayPal, by credit card or bank transfer.

Hardware Requirements

PC, Surface Pro, Mac with Boot camp

Recommended configuration: Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD, USB 3.0 and dual - monitor graphics board.

Supported OS

Window XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.