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the next generation tool for designing advanced behavioral experiments, neuroscientific studies and usability tests

  • Design visualization in friendly GUI 
  • Inline scripting with Python, C# or VB
  • Richest feature set and hardware support 
  • Integration with other research packages
  • Modular and user-extendable architecture 
  • Utmost timing accuracy in 0.02 ms
  • Multi-modal data acquisition and processing
  • Suitable for any user level and field

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EventIDE is an integrated development environment that simplifies designing and running cutting-edge behavioral experiments. It features a versatile GUI designer incorporating selection of modern programming languages and visual tools for stimulus presentation, data collection, and research hardware control. The core innovation of EventIDE is that researchers can choose a balance between coding and visual drag-and-drop design according to their personal preferences. This flexibility applies to all aspects of experiment design and makes EventIDE a very intuitive yet powerful tool.

Along with the richest feature set, extensive hardware support, and utmost timing accuracy, EventIDE is capable of boundless customization through integration with existing research packages and user extensions. While fulfilling all requirements for running regular behavioral studies, EventIDE delivers many advanced features, including real-time eye-tracking analysis, synchronized data recording, and online signal processing. These features enable seamless expansion of standard behavioral experiments with multi-modal data collection, neurofeedback, and closed-loop techniques.

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Flexibility in designing complex tasks, seamless integration of various signal acquisition hardware and sub-millisecond precision make EventIDE a powerful and reliable tool for advanced neuroscientific studies.

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Behavioral research

Visual representation of the experimental design, drag-and-drop stimulus editing, and the simplest scripting model make EventIDE the most user-friendly tool, comprising common experimental methods, stimulus types, and research hardware. Learn more

Usability testing

EventIDE enables online analysis of user experience on live websites providing you with detailed behavioural and eye-tracking data, including heat maps, scan paths, and video screencasts.

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Highligted software features:   Phase-locked stimulus presentation

This extension for EventIDE software allows designing experiments, where stimulus presentation is locked to a selected phase of the online EEG signal. The phase prediction module continuously estimates a time interval to the next predicted occurrence of the selected phase in an online neural signal. The estimated time interval is then used by EventIDE to initiate a locked stimulus presentation. Learn more