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Body part recognition and realtime 3D person tracking with Kinect

3D body tracking in EventIDE.

EventIDE now is able to interact with Kinect - a motion sensing input device by Microsoft. Among many possible applications of this device in research, the real-time 3D body tracking is already available for testing by EventIDE users. The tracking method is based on automatic recognition of human body parts on a visual scene and estimation of 3D joint skeleton structures (2 persons at time, as its shown on the video). The tracking produces in a stream of 3D spatial coordinates (at 20Hz rate) of multiple named body parts. The coordinates can be logged, analysed and interpreted as participant's input in EventIDE. Multiple Kinect devices can be used in EventIDE in parallel in order to increase tracking coverage area and improve accuracy. In the nearest future we plan to add other Kinect-based features, like 3D face and object tracking and gesture recognition. Please, contact us, if you plan to use Kinect in  studies and need its adaptation to your paradigm.