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Kinect-based 3D head tracking

Tags: Kinect, 3D head tracking, behavioural research, experiment, psychophysics

In the recent EventIDE release we added a new module for the Kinect motion sensor. The module makes possible a real-time 3D tracking of head position, head direction vector and head pose. The tracking can be performed at the background of any behavioural task, designed with EventIDE. For example, the “head fixation task” can be imposed on a participant, in order to keep his head at a certain distance to the monitor. Other opportunities include recording the tracking data or taking head movements as a participant response.

The Kinect-based head tracking is very reliable even for long periods of time, robust to face differencies and variable luminance conditions.  Simple calibration allows to obtain accurate 3D tracking data in real metrical units on a particular setup. The tracking can be performed at the rate up to 20Hz and positional errors below 1 cm.

The included video demonstrates a calibration and use of head tracking in EventIDE.

If you are interested to adapt 3D head tracking for your studies, please, contact us for detailed information. Note that we also have another module for full 3D body tracking with Kinect.