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Contents tagged with signal processing

  • Recently, EventIDE has got a new feature extension for real-time signal processing. It may sound complicated, but the new features are very simple to use. For example, with a few mouse clicks, you can launch monitoring and analysing EEG channels at the background of any experimental task. This post gives an overview of the new features, but first, you may watch our demo video:

  • OpenViBE is a popular platform that allows to acquire data from any compatible EEG device. We just added full support for OpenViBE in EventIDE, which means that you can seamlessly enable real-time monitoring, signal processing and various forms of neurofeedback control in your experiments. No or little efforts are required even for advanced research techniques, such as phase-locked stimulus presentation (see our youtube demo). You can find a full  list of supported EEG devices here.

  • Signal Processing AddIn

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    This AddIn contains elements that allow to apply a variety of signal processing techniques, such as FFT, on an arbitrary online signal (for example, an EEG channel).

    Developed by and published on 14 Nov 2012